“You Deserve a Break. From the Farm to the Barn” The Barn goes beyond great coffee and creative Thai pastries. This urban hipster place is where real coffee lovers go to drink and enjoy gourmet simplistic and quirky desserts. This friendly co-working space ensures to wow you in a minimalist modern farmhouse setting. Like your office away from the office, it is excellent for informal meetings, corporate outings and birthday parties with room for up to 53 people. The décor is the perfect backdrop for those Instagram pics. This delicious farm-to-barn dining in a fun and casual atmosphere makes it the perfect venue for small to medium get-togethers. Usual offerings include generous salads, healthy sandwiches, to-die-for cakes and specials like waffles on a stick. You’ll want to try everything! Highlight is the “Roasting Machine”. The dedicated room is spacious enough so to not only roast but have customers experience the work that goes into turning the raw green coffee bean into something so special. Customers can then bring back home a bag of organic homemade coffee. Our master roaster, Khun Dalin, carefully roasts different blends to suit every taste bud. This charming space creates an inviting atmosphere with top-notch coffee. Cultivated on the rolling hills of Chiang Rai, in the north of Thailand, the farm of Mae Boo Ya is a melting pot of perfect location, altitude, and temperature. The farm has been in the family for 3 generations. The 100% Arabica coffee is sold only locally and is distinguished by its distinct natural flavor. That is where we source our coffee from the farm to The Barn and where we roast it with our own coffee roaster to give it a daily fresh aroma and taste for all coffee lovers. As only limited amounts of coffee are produced every year, the Barn is a boutique coffee house of your dreams that everything is intended to soothe.
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  • Open Daily From 6 am to 6 pm


038 318 999 Ext. 11919, +66 65 524 9199 fame@fame-district.com Make a Reservation